Cam Cruickshank  

Welcome to Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, a special place of learning that has been preparing students for the high calling of a career in healthcare since 1942.

Healthcare education is all we do, and we’ve spent the last 80+ years developing a unique environment that cultivates and nurtures talent, shaping graduates into caring, inspired professionals with a passion for making a difference.

Our students are immersed in healthcare from their very first day, in a state-of-the-art environment that embodies excellence and provides ongoing, real-life clinical experience. They’re taught by expert faculty who stay on the leading edge in their fields but also take time to provide individualized instruction and mentoring that ensures every student succeeds. Because of our low student-to-faculty ratio and small classes, our students enjoy a welcoming, supportive college culture where everyone truly knows their name and encourages them to thrive.

Whether pursuing a master's, bachelor's, associate degree, or a diploma or specialty certificate, students graduate from Cabarrus College fully employable and prepared for a rewarding and impactful career in healthcare.

Simply put, Cabarrus College is where futures and careers start. We are healthcare education.

Warm regards, 

Cam Cruickshank, PhD