Teaching and learning in an online classroom can be a rewarding and engaging experience. Online courses are designed with the same rigor and enthusiasm for learning, remain student-centered, and are filled with the same lively discussion and exchange of ideas as on-campus classes while providing the flexibility that your schedule demands in order to complete a degree.

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What is Distance Education?

Distance education, which includes online education, is a method to teach and learn outside the traditional classroom setting. At Cabarrus College, we use a Learning Management System that students and faculty access via the internet to interact and learn. Many of the assignments can be completed on your time to fit the needs of your schedule instead of requiring you to be on campus for classes at designated times.

Examples of online assignments include:

  • Posting responses to instructor materials or case studies
  • Reviews of peer work or projects
  • Participating in online chats
  • Taking quizzes and tests

Distance education courses at Cabarrus College fall into three categories with varying degrees of online and traditional classroom content:


Online Content

Web-based/online 75 - 100%
Hybrid 26 - 74%
Web-enhanced 0 - 25%