An academic minor is a series of courses outside of one's declared major curriculum which complements the student's major. The minor typically is a subset of course work from one or more disciplines, with all credits earned at an upper course level. The number of courses and credit hours required for the minor depend on the degree level as indicated in the table below. At least 50% of the credit hours for the minor must be taken at Cabarrus College.

Degree Level Minimum Credit Hours to Earn a Minor Minimum Number of Courses to Earn a Minor  Upper Level of Courses to Constitute a Minor 
Bachelor’s Degree
15 5 300 level or above
Associate’s Degree
12 4 200 level or above

A student must declare the minor at least one semester prior to completing all major requirements. A student initiates the request for a minor by completing the Declaration of Academic Minor form and meeting with their advisor and the Office of Financial Aid. The student submits the completed form to the Office of Student Records and Information Management before enrolling in courses for the minor.

Progression within the minor follows the same requirements as for the major (refer to Academic Progression section). Students who wish to change their minor must contact the Director, Student Records and Information Management for approval. Completion of the minor is recorded on the student’s transcript.

Courses Approved for the Minor

*Associate degree students are required to take HSL 300 as part of the Leadership and Management minor.