Cabarrus College is a place where everyone knows your name. With small classes and low student-to-faculty ratio, your instructors get to know you and are committed to helping you succeed, while you’re here and after you graduate.

Take advantage of opportunities to get involved on campus including: programs, activities, clubs and volunteer opportunities. These are great ways to get connected, build leadership skills, meet friends, network, and have fun!

Concord’s bustling downtown is nearby and Charlotte, the region’s largest city, is just 30 minutes away.


Office of Student Affairs

At Cabarrus College, we are a student-centered institution focused on providing immersive and innovative programs to prepare caring, collaborative, and courageous healthcare professionals ready for a life of service to others. 

Student Affairs includes Admissions, Financial Aid, Marketing & Events, Registrar, Retention and Student Success.


Fostering success through a student-centered approach. 


To inspire and empower a diverse community of students by fostering personal and professional growth, to maximize their contributions to society.


The Division of Student Affairs is devoted to supporting, educating, and engaging studentsWe are focused on providing all students the opportunity to reach their personal, educational, and professional goals.

To do this we:

  • Support students through the development of programs, services, and policies that reinforce shared strengths and appreciation of difference.

  • Educate students to discover a deeper understanding of themselves and become change agents in the world.

  • Engage students in transformative experiences to challenge their perspectives and become global citizens.

A View Into Student Life at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

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Student Life at Cabarrus College of Health Science
image text
Student Life at Cabarrus College of Health Science
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Student Life at Cabarrus College of Health Science
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Student Life at Cabarrus College of Health Science
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Student Life at Cabarrus College of Health Science
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Student Life at Cabarrus College of Health Science
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Student Life at Cabarrus College of Health Science

Activities and Events

Clubs and Organizations

Cabarrus College's student organizations provide you with opportunities for social, moral, intellectual, cultural and leadership development. Getting involved is a fun way to build strong relationships with fellow students and faculty, learn more about your intended profession, and help others within the community. In addition to the clubs and organizations listed below, you may also wish to participate in a college task force or committee. For more information, contact the advisor of Student Government, Sherry Hamilton. Please contact each organization's advisor for the location and time of meetings.

Honor Societies - Encouraging the pursuit of academic interests.

Student Success Coaches

Each Cabarrus College student is assigned a success coach. All success coaches are full-time professionals trained in various aspects of student development and services. Success coaches are available Monday through Friday and can assist you with a variety of your needs, including:

  • Note-Taking Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Test-Taking Tips
  • Reading Techniques
  • Time Management Tips
  • Assistance with Advising
  • Assisting you with the grievance and appeals process.
  • Guiding you through the accommodations process.
  • Self-Care Strategies
  • Assisting you with building social connections
  • And more!


Volunteer Activities

Today's 21st century health care provider must be prepared to understand the attitudes, beliefs and health behaviors of diverse populations and appropriately respond with culturally competent patient-centered care.

Your journey toward cultural competence begins during your first semester through volunteer and classroom activities designed to help you develop an awareness and knowledge of other cultures. During successive semesters, your volunteer activities, combined with classroom instruction, will help you further expand your cultural knowledge and skills.

Volunteer requirements may vary depending on your program and the degree you are seeking. Please consult the newest edition of the Volunteer Handbook and the Approved Volunteer Community Service Agencies List for the requirements you will be expected to meet.

Throughout the year, information on specific volunteer projects will be made available via email. Many of these projects are sponsored by Cabarrus College clubs and student organizations.