About Me

Dr. Oxendine has been a nurse for 15 years with 8 of those years being in nursing education. He successfully defended his dissertation research on the use of concept mapping in nursing education with Capella University in July of 2018. He earned his MSN in 2013 and BSN in 2011 from Chamberlain College of Nursing.

Upon graduating from Lander University, Ms. Brunson worked as a Registered Nurse, mainly in the acute care setting, initially as a staff nurse, and later as a Travel Nurse. She has traveled to various locations while working in the travel nursing industry, including South Carolina, California, West Virginia, Minnesota, District of Columbia, and Georgia.

Prior to joining Cabarrus College, he taught LPN and LPN to ADN transition programs along with BSN programs. His bedside nursing experience mostly includes emergency medicine, but he does have experience in Adult Med/Surg., Pediatrics, Psychiatric nursing, and management.

Dr. Oxendine is also a proud first-generation college student.

Contact Jerry Oxendine at 704-403-3533.