Spring 2022

Tiffany Yelton.

Like many others, Tiffany Yelton ’91 fell in love with the friendly, nurturing atmosphere at Cabarrus College on her first visit. As a student, she treasured the camaraderie she found with professors and classmates, whether it was her “entertaining” anatomy and physiology professor who made difficult subjects understandable or banding together with classmates to help at the hospital when Hurricane Hugo prevented nurses from getting to work.

“It was a very tight-knit group,” she said. “I think it allowed me to learn and grow confident in myself and my abilities. It also teaches you teamwork, which is important in a healthcare setting.” Yelton used the lessons learned at Cabarrus College in a wide-ranging nursing career and during nine years as a member of the college’s governing board.

She sees Cabarrus College as a community resource that has real impact by offering education close to home and graduating healthcare professionals to provide quality, compassionate care in the community, like she does in her role as a hospice nurse. “The stress you can alleviate in the patient and their family by what you teach and the care you give is immensely rewarding,” Yelton said. “The impact you make is evident immediately.”